16-Bit Huntdown is the ’80s Cyberpunk action movie game you’ve always wanted



“When citizens are in trouble, they call the authorities. When the authorities are in trouble, they call the bounty hunters.

A game trailer opens in such a dramatic way, and immediately impressions are formed. The first is that it’s cheesy but charming as hell, and the second is that the title is quite possibly filled with chaotic energy levels at its peak. Like Red Bull on steroids, but even wilder. As it is, Easy trigger games‘next arcade shooter Hunt down is all about chaos and the fight against evil with evil, where only bounty hunters can free the city from the corrupt fist of crime.


Set in a future of crime and violence, the game features the nostalgic, neon aesthetic of the cyberpunk genre, along with hand-drawn animations, 60fps gameplay, and epic combat soundtracks. The fearless death trio of Anna Conda, John Sawyer, and Mow Man serve you as crime fighters, all armed with their unique individual abilities. There’s a lot of crashing, gunfire, explosions and, of course, absurd murder moves of an arcade nature, such as deflecting grenades with a baseball bat. Gang clashes should be equally wacky, from rollerblading hooligans to heavily armored truckers.

Oh, and the cheese. Hunt down is full of cheesy lines, but in a silly and witty way – take a look at some of them:

  • “Anna Conda, she knows the meaning of life… that’s why she can take it away from her so easily.”
  • “He’s been a man since he was little.”
  • “His blood type comes out AK-47.”
  • “When Mow Man looks at you, you look at your grave.”
  • “He knows everything except mercy. “

Really, this is entertainment value.

Hunt down Also supports co-op play, so you can wreak even more havoc with your criminal partner (s). The title will drop on May 12, 2020, but those who are already sold on its wacky, comedic premise can start placing their pre-orders for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox one, and PC (Epic Games Store).

Steam users, unfortunately, will have to wait another year before heading to May 12, 2021.

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