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With the combination of anime being part of the dominant pop culture in the world in recent years and the Dragon ball with the franchise being one of the longest-lasting anime IPs, the atmosphere is ripe for the next Great animated film for 2022.

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The last movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, has been both critical and commercial success, with all the colorful chaos that makes this anime such an icon all those decades later after the original series debuted in the ’80s. Super hero will take a different approach, as it opts for CG animation. Nonetheless, Reddit was anticipating the film even more after the recent trailer released.

6 Goku training with Broly on the planet of Beerus

Split Image of Broly in First Dragon Ball Super Movie and Super Hero Trailer

Broly was originally introduced to the non-canon Dragon ball z film trilogy in the 2000s, but the first Great the film officially featured him in the official timeline. He had been a fan favorite for years and was the main selling point of his first canon film. With the first full trailer for Super hero released, it now looks like fans quickly caught a glimpse of him in action. Editor psquared3524 points out a shot from the trailer featuring Goku training with Broly.

In the original films, Broly was consistently portrayed as a stupid, manic villain, but his canon appearance takes things to a more composed level. It was a fun element to keep the character relevant for additional properties like the anime-based fighting games, but letting fans see a resolution of his troubled origins in Dragon Ball Super: Broly did well to add more to the character to make him more likable. He shows more of his “gentle giant” side and essentially establishes a friendship with Goku, making that potential role in the next film a welcome promise kept.

5 The return of the Red Ribbon Army

Split image of the potential villain from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

In what appears to be a tribute to the original Dragon ball manga and anime series, it seems likely that the villains of Super hero will be the Red Ribbon Army. This organized crime group was present during Goku’s youth on Earth, trying to get all the Dragon Balls for world domination. Of course, they ran into Goku a lot – probably the loser – and weren’t really seen outside of the original series, other than the surviving Dr. Gero who is the basis for the creation of the androids in Dragon ball z‘s Android Saga bow.

However, given the tease in the trailer, Redditor Inevitable Variables notes, among other things, that it looks like the Red Ribbon Army is making a comeback. With the return of fan favorite characters and the potential rebirth of a classic villainous group, Super hero has everything to be one of the most anticipated anime of 2022.

4 Z Fighters can be framed

One of the new characters in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

With the Red Ribbon Army once again having an apparent resurgence as the main antagonists, the brief trailer may have given a glimpse of what the plot conflict will be like. More precisely, with the title Super hero and shots from some mysterious enemies, it seems these are androids created by the RRA to defeat the Z Fighters.

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Editor qeheeen speculates that these potential androids (Gamma 1 and 2) are used to frame or paint Goku and company as villains who can be replaced with “superheroes”. At the very least, they might be tempted to pretend that they are incompetent and / or too reckless to be the protectors of the Earth. The “frame-up” plot conflict is a classic device used in other stories and could be an entertaining premise for one. Dragon ball movie with the colorful cast of characters available.

3 Improved CG animation

Promo still of Goku in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

In the anime community, CG animation is something that more often than not raises possible red flags about the quality of the show or movie. It’s understandable, like people like Berserk deserve a high-quality modern anime adaptation, but the 2016 series featured an infamously crass use of this style. However, it can be done well because MAPPA is underestimated. Dorohedoro the anime showed how it can be executed with taste.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes has understandably sparked some concern over his revealed use of CG art over 2D art, but fans are starting to heat up on his approach with this trailer after the initial look. There is still some general caution, but Redditors like Inevitable Variables express some relief at the way Toei Animation is handling things so far. CG style looks like an interpretation of how the Dragon ball z the shaded animation of the games looked.

2 Piccolo fights one of the gamma

Piccolo in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer

With the story’s conflict potentially inferred, the trailer shows that the fight will at some point be directly directed at Piccolo – one of the more powerful non-Saiyans. Dragon ball Z fighters. One of the Gammas seems to have arrived at the Namekian, with Redditor Inevitable Variables also speculating that they might be there for young Pan.

It would make sense if that was the case, as Pan is Gohan and Videl’s Saiyan-Human daughter, and therefore a potential threat. Whatever the reasoning, this will surely come as a welcome part of Super herolike Piccolo is another classic character in the franchise that fans would love to see spend more time in the limelight.

1 Pan being formed by Piccolo

Shared image of Pan and Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

A pleasant surprise to come with the trailer was that another spotlight was given to Pan. When the shot turned to one of the Gammas apparently attacking Piccolo, it shows that the latter is actually training him. Editor AHope4More expresses his excitement and appreciation that Pan finally seems to be being treated as a character in his own right, as the Dragon ball gt anime that notoriously disappointed fans missed a great opportunity to do so.

It is thematically appropriate that it is formed by Piccolo in Great since the Namekian is largely responsible for the training of Gohan in his youth. Training another Saiyan for a new generation would be a great thread to open with Super hero and ideally keep moving forward.

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