90s nostalgia at its finest


Were you a 90s kid – a true a? Have you eaten Dunkaroos while raising your Tamagotchi and listening to TLC on your Walkman? Then you probably own a copy of A wacky movie on VHS in plastic clamshell case.

A wacky movie may not have the same level of monumental reputation as others Walt Disney animated films acquired during the 1990s, but it has a special place in the childhood of many children.

Now that our generation has grown up and has our own families, nostalgia for the 90s is in full swing, and with it a long-awaited wave of appreciation for Goofy’s Big Movie. For instance, Funko Games has released a new board game that pays homage to the 1995 cult classic.

Funko’s A Goofy Movie Game is the 90s nostalgia you need. Photo by Aaron Widmar

A wacky movie …and now a board game

When I received a copy from Funko Games’ Disney A Goofy Movie GameI was dizzily transported to my prepubescent days when I sat in front of the television watching Goof Troop during Disney Afternoon.

But is it really a fun, well-designed game – or is my nostalgia taking over? Is that Disney A Goofy Movie Game stand out above the crowd, or is that just a typical thing?

There’s only one way to find out: the road trip!

Gather your goofy cast and get ready for a race across the United States as you head west for the Powerline concert in Los Angeles. Will you get the best seats and the show and have a great album to show off for your trip, or will you get distracted by a roadside distraction with Goofy? Read our Disney A Goofy Movie Game review to find out!

How to play Disney A Goofy Movie Game

Your race across the land begins on the East Coast, where you choose your character: Max, PJ, Roxanne or Bobby. Place your miniature on the starting space of the map and prepare for your trek across the country.


Fun and colorful maps guide your road trip to the Powerline concert. Photo by Aaron Widmar

Each player has an individual deck of a dozen miniature cards numbered 1 to 12, each card colored in one of four shades: green, orange, pink or blue. You’ll use these cards to compete for valuable scrapbook pages that will earn you points based on which ones you collect.

At the start of each turn, everyone simultaneously selects and reveals a numbered card from their hand. Whoever has the highest numbered card in each color gets an album card from the corresponding color slot in Goofy’s row.

Then you move your character to adjacent spaces on the map in hopes of gathering more scrapbook cards as you visit America.


Goofy’s road trip itinerary is nothing if not… Goofy. Photo by Aaron Widmar

Throughout the game, Powerline will make its way from the start of its tour in Veracruz to finally arrive in Los Angeles. The first player to reach the concert hall will receive a bonus, so don’t spend too much time wandering around!

The game ends when Powerline reaches LA or everyone clears the stack of album entries. The person who has collected the most points — and therefore the most eventful course — is the winner!

Play this game and I see eye to eye?

Here’s the scoop on Funko Games’ Disney A Goofy Movie Game. It’s a short, fast-paced game that speaks directly to millennials who loved the movie as kids and now have families of their own. Or, you can take a trip down memory lane with your best friends (no, not Donald Duck).


Grab your family and make them love A wacky movie like you do it. Photo by Aaron Widmar

Reduced to its elements, Disney A Goofy Movie Game is a simple collectible card game like sushi to go with the added geographic element of map movement. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but rather takes familiar mechanics and gives them an added flavor. It’s more comfort food than haute cuisine.

Which makes Disney A Goofy Movie Game standing out above the crowd is the property it represents, and the design team at Prospero Hall did a great job saturating this game with delightful detail from the source material.

For example, there was absolutely no functional reason why the board had to be double-sided with a huge Powerline concert poster printed on the reverse – but I’m giddy that it was. The main side looks like Goofy’s map, signatures and all. The album cards show many scenes from Goofy and Max’s travels in the film.

Thoughtful touches like this are the icing on the cake for fans – or, should I say, Cheddar Whizzy on the cake.


The player with the most points by the time Powerline reaches LA is the winner. Photo by Aaron Widmar

Should we love A wacky movie enjoy this game?

Disney A Goofy Movie Game is definitely playable if you haven’t watched the movie that inspired it. Knowledge of the story isn’t necessary to win, because you don’t need to know the plot to make smart strategy decisions.

The designers have made it accessible to everyone to join the adventure. It’s fast and airy, with short turns and a steady forward momentum as you feverishly collect cards to earn points and blast your way through the board.


Disney A Goofy Movie Game gets two thumbs up. Photo by Aaron Widmar

It’s not so simple that it’s a kid’s game, but it’s not so complex that it’s only suitable for adult minds. Disney A Goofy Movie Game hits a sweet spot in between where the kids can play with their parents, making it a great way for you to bond with your very own Max – without having to experience a waterfall in the process. And being a game about family ties, it’s not too competitive or unforgiving.

However, I don’t think you’ll have the same fun playing Disney A Goofy Movie Game as you would if you enjoyed its source material. Without being a fan of the 1995 film, you’ll see the events happen on the board as simply moving from point A to point B while accumulating a stack of dots. The appeal is mainly the theme.


The theme is what makes this game enjoyable. Photo by Aaron Widmar

If you are a fan of A wacky movie, this game should definitely go to the top of your line. As for those of you who have been robbed of the experience, this is a great opportunity to remedy that with a family movie and game night.

Our writer received a free product from the publisher for review. All opinions are honest and advice has been given for the benefit of the reader. Thanks for listening to our unbiased reviews!

Aaron Widmar is a longtime fan of the artistic and emotional power of animation to tell stories. He was raised on Disney VHS tapes as a child and even as an adult, he still enjoys revisiting his favorites. Aaron is a professional writer in a variety of fields, including the automotive industry. Although he and his wife Vicki don’t visit Walt Disney World as often as they’d like, he can escape to the Disney-themed room in their house whenever he needs some creative inspiration. .


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