A budding filmmaker creates a trailer


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A budding local filmmaker has created a trailer with Aginco Eagle’s tree number four as the backdrop.

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Joe McInnis, 19, who recently graduated from KLDCS in an email exchange with the Northern News McInnis said, “4 Shaft was born out of a desire to do something epic and exciting like my last big film project at KLDCS. I had been brainstorming a few ideas and ultimately wanted to do a thriller/horror style trailer. I wanted it to be very close to the people of Kirkland Lake and thought it would be an interesting idea to base it on a mining disaster, given that it’s a mining town and everyone there knows.

He pointed out that since a number of the actors in the trailer are high school students, he “based it heavily on the show Stranger Things as well as the Super 8 movie.”

He also said that seeing the film come to life involved a number of steps. “The process, after writing a draft for each act, was primarily working with the actors both at school and in town to get all the shots we needed. Most of the creation of the trailer was all the editing that was involved in. Most of the editing and special effects were done over a few weekends, while I tried to concentrate on filming during the week.

McInnis also noted that it took a number of people to get the project started and see it come to life, and for that he is grateful.

“I would primarily like to thank students Jill Young, Jayden Jones and Kohl Kasner, and all of the other actors (and voice actors) who were involved in the project as they all did a phenomenal job playing their characters, especially considering most of them had little to no prior acting experience. It was great to work with them, until the end. My teacher, Mr. (Dan) Kurz, who besides being an actor, was good at bouncing ideas around during the writing and production stages.

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For his part, Kurz said, “Joe has had a passion for video production since 9th grade and has consistently shared his gifts with the school. He was the foundation for the development of KLDCS TV (the school’s YouTube channel) and pushed the boundaries of what we thought was possible with high school livestream events. Joe has both informed and entertained us all with hours of content throughout the pandemic. We want to thank Joe for the legacy he leaves behind and wish him all the best as he heads into the wild world of media production.

So, will the 4 Shaft trailer become a real move? Well not now, but you as McInnis says, you never know, maybe one day.

“The whole challenge of this project was to see if it was possible to create an epic trailer for a movie that doesn’t actually exist. The goal being to create a compelling and believable story without actually planning an entire storyline or even having a proper ending to the story. It left a lot of the story up to the viewer’s imagination and also gave me a lot of creative freedom to shoot random things that looked cool and could pass as an actual scene from the movie, without having to give context. on why they match. I guess 4 Shaft made it in the end because most people thought it was a trailer for a real movie, but then again, you never know, maybe it will one day.

If anyone would like to view the trailer, they can do so by visiting the KLDCS TV YouTube channel.


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