Bella Thorne talks about the new Game of Love movie


When Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascoloa steamy and scenic italian love movie Time is up dropped last year, it quickly became a fan favorite – and now fans get to see where their love story goes.

In the following, love gamebellaby Vivien and Benjamins Roy trip to Roys Sicilian childhood home to prepare his family estate for sale. However, when Vivien befriends a mysterious woman, Roy quickly becomes suspicious and tensions rise as theyare forced to look at their relationship in a new light. Protagonists Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo were also a couple while the movies were filming, but have since gone their separate ways, adding another layer to the new version.

love game is in select theaters and on-demand today, October 14, and we had a chance to chat with Bella herself to learn more about further exploring Vivien’s character and what the film means. for her.

Sweety High: How does it feel to dive back into the love story set up by Time is up and become Vivien again?

Bella Thorne: It was so great to come back to Vivien! I absolutely loved being with the team again, not to mention filming in Italy.

SH: Can you tell us a bit more about love game? Where are Vivien and Roy in their relationship at the start of the film, and how do things pan out from there?

BT: Vivien and Roy essentially return to where their story left off. They are very much in love at the jump, but it starts to shake when a mysterious woman walks in and befriends Vivien. It creates tons of tension and really shakes up Vivien and Royrelationship throughout the film. I do not have anyI don’t want to give away too much, but there’s a lot of drama in this one.

SH: Would you say that youare you like Vivien in real life? What aspects of his character do you most identify with?

BT: II’m not like Vivien at all. I think our only similar taste is the taste in men!

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SH: In this film, VivienI don’t just have chemistry with Roy. What was it like working with your co-leads to bring those scenes to life?

BT: We had a really comfortable and safe environment to really explore that connection.

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SH: Was the film shot on location in Sicily? If so, what were your favorite moments of your stay there?

BT: They are notI’m not lying when they say the food in Italy is amazing. Some of my favorite times in Italy were really enjoying all the amazing food! I still think how good it was!

SH: Do you have a favorite memory of filming in general?

BT: I loved filming in Italy. Everything in Italy is so beautiful. The history of all the buildings is really captivating and to be able to film there was so surreal. I think that helped create even more amazing memories on set.

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SH: Is there an aspect of the film that youare you most excited for fans to dive into the movie’s release?

BT: I’m really excited for fans to see all the drama unfold with a new character coming in and turning our relationship upside down. I just think the love story is so strong and fans have really enjoyed it before, so seeing it get messy will be super entertaining.

SH: Anything else we should know about the film?

BT: I feel so passionate about this movie, and even though it’s painful to watch, I’m so glad it’s out for everyone to see.

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