Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, an interactive movie / game, just won an Emmy



Charlie Brooker’s new take on a DIY FMV game is now an Emmy winner, taking home the Outstanding TV Movie Award.

Black mirror: Bandersnatch won Deadwood: The Movie, Brexit, My Dinner With Herve, and King Lear, and effectively became the first TV movie with interactive game-like elements to win an Emmy Award.

Bandersnatch, which is exclusive to Netflix, is a pick-and-choose adventure tale about a game programmer (Fionn Whitehead) from 1984 who (in most threads you can follow) is starting to lose his mind working on his game, Bandersnatch. It’s chock full of play Easter eggs.

In his acceptance speech (as reported by Hollywood journalist), Charlie Brooker made sure to thank the Netflix tech team for making the interactive movie possible.

Whether or not this counts as the first game to win an Emmy movie is up for debate, but as an interactive experience where your choices impact the narrative, one with multiple endings to discover and a few light puzzle elements, we’re inclined to say it matters.

FMV games are making a comeback right now, with PlayStation’s Erica being another strong example of an interactive storytelling experience. Black Mirror has aired five seasons, but Bandersnatch is in its own right.



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