Board Game Review: Disney’s “A Goofy Movie Game” by Funko Games


“Do you need a break from modern life? Do you feel like getting rid of your tired load?” Well, it’s time to get “On the Open Road” in the new Funko Games outing, disney A wacky movie game. So invite your friends and take a trip across the country for the Powerline concert with Max and all his friends!

First of all, when you unbox the game, it’s hard to miss a really fun bonus. The back of the game board is a Powerline concert poster! The front of the painting is Goofy’s map, the one he gives to Max during the road trip.

Goofy and Powerline are non-playable characters, so players can choose from Max, Roxanne, PJ, and Bobby. Each pawn comes with a small deck of cards, which are used each turn. Maps feature one of four colors, a number, and movement directions to navigate the map.

The color you choose corresponds to one of the four spaces. The object of the game is to collect scrapbook cards and this is one way to get them. In the event that two players draw the same suit, the one with the highest number receives that card. Otherwise, each player collects their cards, new ones take the empty slots, and then the players follow their instructions to move around the board.

Starting with Goofy and Max’s house, players move around the board, landing on colored dots (and claiming the map on that colored space) or rolling the dice. If they throw Goofy, he progresses through the colored boxes and they get the card he lands on. If they roll Powerline, his tour is getting closer to Los Angeles. The route is twisty and winding, as you’d expect from Goofy, and players can choose many paths. You also have the ability to move forward, backward, and sometimes even up or down.

Once Powerline reaches Los Angeles, there’s yet another round for players who aren’t already there to try. There is some incentive to arrive early as you can claim a seat with more bonus points. Ultimately, it’s a points game determined by the value of your scrapbook card collection and any other bonuses you’ve collected.

Moving around the board can also earn you Bonus Tokens, which add extra points to the score at the end, depending on the types of Album Memories you hold.

The game is great fun, but scoring it is, well, clunky. The different cards have one of five icons on them. The value of the cards may vary depending on whether you have more of them than anyone else. Some even require you to have a set in order to earn points. Knowing how the deck is marked can help you design a better strategy when you have options for choosing scrapbook cards. For a two-player game that lasted about 30 minutes, we spent about 5 minutes determining the score. So be patient for the end of this road trip.

Overall, Disney A wacky movie game is easy to play and fun for everyone involved. There are also fun details around the painting, like a Mickey icon in Orlando, home to the Walt Disney World Resort. And you’ll find movie locations on scrapbook cards, including Lester’s Opossum Park.

There’s also a bonus on the inside lid of the box, with all sorts of goodies from Max and Goofy’s adventures.

Are you ready for that cross-country trip to Powerline’s sold-out concert in Los Angeles? by Disney A wacky movie game is available now from Funko Games.


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