Chariot movie trailer features John Malkovich, Thomas Mann and Rosa Salazar


The first trailer was recently released for the upcoming sci-fi thriller Tankabout a world where scientists have discovered the secret of reincarnation, featuring Thomas Mann, Rosa Salazarand twice Oscar nominee John Malkovich. The new film hits theaters and will be available on digital and on-demand on April 15.

Tank follows the story of a strange and unconventional doctor (Malkovich) who is in charge of people’s reincarnation process and a young man (Mann) who becomes a problem in the system after meeting a woman (Salazar) who he loved in a past life.

The trailer is narrated by Malkovich’s character who explains that the origin of the invention that enables the process of reincarnation is a mystery. They know it works and people can live, die and live again. We then see Mann’s character go to Malkovich after having strange dreams after meeting a girl. The trailer then dives into a series of weird and trippy images, including Malkovich wearing a bizarre red wig. From the trailer, it looks like a lot of the movie will be about Mann’s character getting too much into his head as he tries to find the hidden meaning of his dreams and his connection to the character. by Salazar.


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Audiences probably know Mann best for his starring role in Me, Earl and the dying girl. He has also recently appeared in several feature films, including halloween kills, the Lady and the Trampand Kong: Skull Island. Salazar is best known for playing the title character in by Robert Rodríguez Alita: battle angel. Malkovich was nominated for an Oscar for his roles in In the line of fire and Places in the heart and is best known for starring in films like Being John Malkovich, Burn after readingand recently starred in the Netflix comedy space force – the second season has just been released. Joining the trio in the movie are Scout Taylor Compton (Halloween (2007)), former NFL tight end Vernon Davis, Chris Mullinax (Out of the fight), and Shane West (An unforgettable walk).

Tank comes from the writer and director Adam Sigal. Sigal has already written the mystery thriller Dreamer and dramatic comedy When the starlight ends. He has also already directed the film Monitoring.

look Tank in theaters, digital or on-demand when it becomes available on April 15, and watch the all-new trailer below:

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