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Goofy may be, well, clumsy, but there’s no denying that he and Max know how to have a fun road trip. And if you’re anything like us, you probably wish you could join them. Now with the next A wacky movie gamefinally you can!

The board game is inspired by the iconic (and utterly wonderful) 1995 film and a fun collaboration between Disney and Funko Games. In it, you’ll travel across the country in a race against time, trying to make it to the Powerline concert in Los Angeles with the best seats before the band’s singer takes the stage. However, just like IRL road trips, you’ll face a variety of detours along the way (thanks a lot, Goofy).

The game board is basically a colorful map of the United States with winding lanes. On each turn, you’ll play cards to collect keepsakes (it’s gotta be fun along the way, right? After all, it’s a road trip!). You’ll also take turns rolling a dice to determine if the party heads to LA or if Goofy throws you on a time-consuming detour. Your goal is to create the most memories and grab the best seats at the concert in order to win.

You’ll need two to four players, ages seven or older, to play, and the game takes around 25-30 minutes. Along with the game board, the box also includes six character minifigures to choose from, a giant glittering gold die, original card artwork (featuring tons of OG movie moments and locations, no less!), and a fun nostalgic 90s-style design throughout.

A wacky movie game is slated for release in mid-2022, but neither Disney nor Funko Games have shared any further details regarding when or where you can purchase the game. You can, however, place a pre-order for the game through your local game store. participant. Need to get your goofy fix now? You can always watch A wacky movie on Disney+ if you are a subscriber.

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