Field of Dreams game: let’s find more movie game ideas



Tomorrow night the Yankees will play the White Sox in Dyersville, Iowa in a field built in a cornfield in the MLB game “Field of Dreams”. The film centers on a man being told to build a baseball field in his cornfield, and a series of mystical events ends as he mends his relationship with his father. I’m not sure that game two will be part of this game, but tomorrow there will be a cornfield baseball game.

However, the existing event got us thinking, what other themed games could the Yankees play with ties to movies? Here are seven suggestions.

“Durham Bull”

If we stick to the baseball movies, it’s hard to pass up “Bull Durham” given that there is a viable minor league stadium in the North Carolina city that is home to the Durham Bulls.

On the other hand, part of the reason the game “Field of Dreams” happens is the more mystical elements of the film and the fact that a cornfield is a more interesting setting for a game than a random MILB park. . On the double downside, the Bulls are the Triple-A affiliate of the Rays, and with no other team in that area, they probably should be involved.

“The Sandlot”

The event most spiritually similar to the “Field of Dreams” event would probably be a “Sandlot” themed event. MLB probably can’t play a game at a sandlot-type court for safety reasons, but playing a game at a local neighborhood court might be something that could work.

“Rookie of the Year”

For too long, children have been allowed to watch baseball games without fear of being pushed into action. No more.

As part of the “Rookie of the Year” game, the children of the crowd will be chosen as the starting pitchers of the day. If that random 11-year-old didn’t want to allow the 500-foot dingers to Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and the rest, then they shouldn’t have come to the game.

Another option could be the “Little Big League” day where various pre-teens have to manage a game. Of course, it would be unfair to see a kid booed for leaving a lifter in a dough for too long, but it might have to happen.

“The substitutes”

Why stick to baseball movies when there are other sports we can borrow from? In the football movie “The Replacements”, substitute players / scabs are brought in after regular players from the film’s fictional football league go on strike.

On second thought, this one might touch too closely on what could happen to the work situation in baseball soon.


That’s right, let’s send the Yankees to the Pacific Northwest to play vampire baseball.

Yes, the 2008 romantic / fantasy movie aimed primarily at teenage girls about supernatural beings includes a scene where vampires are playing baseball. I haven’t seen the movie itself, but I’ve seen this part in particular because it’s one of the most disturbed scenes from cinema history.

In keeping with the film universe, teams must wear old-fashioned uniforms, but must also play during a thunderstorm. Probably dangerous, but the rules are the rules.

“A Connecticut Yankee at the Court of King Arthur”

A suggestion from PSA’s Joshua Diemert, the Yankees would definitely be on the road for this one. No matter who they play, maybe the Royals, the game should be played in some sort of field in an Arthurian castle, much like the Bowser’s Castle stadium in the beloved Nintendo Wii game “Mario Super Sluggers”.


Come on, let’s play baseball in space.



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