First Photos From Bradley Cooper’s New Netflix Movie Show Star’s Wild Makeup Transformation


Bradley Cooper’s career as a director made its memorable debut with the 2018 remake of A star is born. Since, Cooper’s next movies saw him more active on the cast side of the fence, with great success. However, thanks to his new Netflix project Maestro, the actor/director once again works on both sides of the camera. With a wild makeup transformation on top of that already demanding combination, this might be Bradley Cooper’s most ambitious movie yet. But don’t worry, see the first photos from the shoot.

netflix recently released the first look of the set of Maestro, which mainly show Bradley Cooper and his co-star Carey Mulligan in the young era of composer Leonard Bernstein’s life. Cooper stars as Bernstein, while Mulligan plays his wife, Felicia Montealegre; and the two are already perfect together in the first photos.

As you can see from the ensemble featured below, the makeup transformation job on Bradley Cooper’s former Bernstein is A+. You might even wonder if it’s really him in that last photo, but it definitely is.

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One of the performances that comes to mind when looking at Bradley Cooper’s transformation is The transformation of Gary Oldman into Winston Churchill in 2017 darkest hour. To the naked eye, it would appear Cooper is wearing a full prosthesis to add the body mass of Leonard Bernstein’s later years. In addition, the magic of makeup gives Maestro’s leading man and director, the look and feel of Bernstein’s facial and hair features; which is key to the kind of story this prestigious film is trying to tell.

Looking into the history of Maestrowhich Cooper co-wrote with Projector screenwriter Josh Singer, several decades of Leonard Bernstein’s life will be shown throughout the events of the film. While Bradley Cooper could have hired a younger and older actor to play the book-ending segments of the West Side Story the composer’s life, it seems that throughout the film we will be treated to his portrayal of an American artistic legend.

Maestro is a project that seems to be destined for Bradley Cooper to direct. The influence that Cooper gained with American sniper led the co-writer/director to huge awards season success with Lady Gaga in A star is born. This movie eventually convinced producer Steven Spielberg to offer Cooper the chance to direct. Maestro. With this assured success, this Leonard Bernstein biopic was able to take off in such a way that Netflix subscribers can benefit from the results in the near future.

So far, these efforts are intriguing enough to keep a closer eye on Maestro’s progress. At the moment, the Bradley Cooper biopic is still in the early stages of filming, with a potential 2023 release in the works. For now, the 2022 Netflix Movie Schedule shows which cinematic originals are to be expected in the coming year while waiting for this unrecognizable transformation.


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