Follow Powerline across the country in A GOOFY MOVIE GAME


Have you ever wanted to go on a road trip with Goofy? Listen, I’m not saying this would be the most organized or well-planned road trip, but you know the road holds many surprises. Too many surprises? Probably. You can find out for yourself with Funko Games’ A wacky movie game. Announced Tuesday morning, this board game puts you alongside Max and his friends. You hit the road trying to get to the Powerline concert in the best seats before the singer makes his grand entrance.

Funko Games

The game, fittingly, takes place on a board featuring the United States. And yes, the board and card designs scream ’90s. Look at that color scheme. You must travel to new places across the country with Max as Powerline progresses through their tour. You are all traveling to Los Angeles. But it wouldn’t be A wacky movie straightforward board game. A roll of the dice gives Goofy a chance to throw you off course for something unforeseen.

Although playing this game involves some strategy, it is suitable for players aged seven and over. Two to four people can have fun. A wacky movie The game comes with characters (we saw a preview and they look so detailed) inspired by the 1995 film. It also has a very Powerline gold glitter die and original card artwork featuring recognizable moments from the Animation Film.

The back of the A Goofy Movie Game box shows the board design with a map of the United States.
Funko Games

A wacky movie game will hit shelves in mid-2022. Talk to your local game store to place a pre-order. No judgment here if you schedule additional viewings of A wacky movie until then to get your Max, Goofy, and Powerline fix. Or maybe you can just listen to “I2I” instead.

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