France Movie Trailer Starring Léa Seydoux as Superstar TV Journalist


“People will hate you, then worship you.”


Image via Kino Lorber

Kino Lorber unveiled the official American trailer for the writer-director Bruno Dumontthe last job of France what stars Léa Seydoux as a prominent television journalist struggling to balance his work and family life before a reckless accident turns his world upside down. The original French film premiered at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival and will be released in US theaters on December 10.

The film starts off satirically as it focuses on the life of famous journalist France de Meurs who hosts a studio TV show and does her fair share of reporting from the field. He’s a larger-than-life personality, relentlessly hunted down by the paparazzi and constantly featured in magazines while providing coverage in the middle of a war zone and keeping his family connections intact. Following a car accident where she hits a delivery boy, her mental state and life is turned upside down as she reflects on who she is and becomes embroiled in a bizarre love affair.

Described as “tragicomic”, France is Dumont’s take on how society can eat away at identity, especially in an era of constant media coverage, and is the 11th film he has written and directed. He is considered one of the greatest modern French filmmakers, winning numerous awards over the past two decades for The life of jesuss, Humanity, and Twenty-nine palm trees. His cinema Flanders earned him his second Cannes Grand Prix victory in 2006 and since then his films have been a staple at French film awards and festivals.



Image via Kino Lorber

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Seydoux’s year has been a whirlwind, most recently appearing as Madeleine Swann in No time to die, becoming the first James bond the interest of love must appear more than once in franchise history. France isn’t even her first journalist-centric play in 2021 as she joined Wes andersonthe recent movie of The French dispatch like prison guard Simone. She also appeared in two other French films, My wife’s story and Deception this year and should play in the next one David Cronenberg movie Crimes of the future.

France hits theaters in the United States on December 10 in New York and Los Angeles with a national release shortly thereafter. Check out the trailer below for Dumont’s tragic satire of the world of journalism:


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