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Most video games based on popular movies end up being bitterly disappointing, with rare exceptions from 007 Quantum of Solace (2008) and Wanted (2009) – and now Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Following the mixed reviews of the last one wonder A console game, Guardians offers a smooth, scripted adventure for fans of the series as well as those new to the franchise.

While those looking for an uninterrupted, action-packed shooter will be disappointed, gamers who enjoy rich storytelling and cleverly cooperative fights will add this title to their Christmas wishlist.

The fight involves all members of the Guardian crew

The graphics available on the next-gen console are bright and colorful and present the player with very pretty alien worlds, levels and puzzles.

Combat involves all of the Guardians’ crew, each able to perform different unique moves to battle aliens and increasingly tough enemies.

And the movie’s signature humor isn’t lacking in this digital adaptation, with plenty of witty dialogue to add background to the story and provide puzzle clues.

The script allows the game‘s story to progress to mid-level, without waiting for awkward cutscenes to end the last chapter and start the next.

No members of the Hollywood lineup appear, which may or may not matter to gaming fans. Overall, this is a well-designed movie-based video game, with a stellar soundtrack, so a lack of star power isn’t an issue.

Marvel will be relieved at the success of developers Square Enix, given the mixed reaction The Avengers received last year.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is now available as a video game.  Photo: Marvel / Square Enix
Marvel game sequel to last year’s The Avengers, which received mixed reviews

Players will easily hit 20 hours of playtime, with much more needed to find all of the collectibles and costume upgrades.

Sometimes it’s not clear what certain action sequences require of the player, but given the lack of in-game death consequences, that doesn’t become a big deal.

It remains to be seen whether Guardians will compete with other big November releases, such as Forza Horizon 5 and Call Of Duty Vanguard, in the battle for British Christmas stockings – but the fight is escalating.



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