Halifax’s Vandal Donuts gets into the movie game



The Göttingen Street donut merchant has teamed up with a film distribution company to sell a movie alongside its frozen candies

A new movie is showing … at a donut store near you.

Vandal Donuts of Halifax has teamed up with a film distribution company to sell a film alongside its pasty product.

Vandal’s co-owner says he was pleasantly surprised when Toronto’s Michael Boyuk filmswelike called with the idea of ​​showing a new movie on the donut shop website.

“It certainly wasn’t something I expected,” said Vandal’s Ezra Edelstein. “But when he called us and told us about the movie, it made sense. We’re all donuts, and the movie is all donuts.”

The film in question is an award-winning film titled The Donut King. Directed by Alice Gu, the film follows the rise and fall of Ted Ngoy, a Cambodian refugee who escaped the genocide and overcame poverty to build a life for himself by building an unlikely empire of donut shops in the United States.

However, with theaters having been closed for months due to COVID-19 and lower attendance at existing multiplexes, Boyuk says filmswelike has decided to think outside the box to distribute the award-winning SXSW documentary. In addition, the company wanted to give a helping hand to other small independent businesses in difficulty across Canada.

“We are a small company of three people,” Boyuk said of filmswelike. “So for us, we want to support little mom-and-pop stores, donuts or whatever.”

As such, the distribution company has partnered with several donut stores in Canada – including Vandal Donuts in Halifax – to present the film and share the profits.

While Edelstein says he doesn’t expect to make a lot of money from the film, he just hopes it adds fun during tough times and inspires other small business owners to think of similar ideas. to generate income or awareness during the second wave of the pandemic.

The Donut King is available to stream on the Vandal Donuts social media platforms until December 31.



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