Heading Out is a story-driven road movie game coming out in late 2022


Listing classic road movies like Vanishing Point, Duel, Two-Lane Blacktop and Thelma & Louise as influences (and probably a bit of Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry), Heading Out is a narrative racing game where you can race down an America monochrome driving a roaring muscle car.

Developed by Polish studio Serious Sim, Heading Out will let you outrun the police, take part in illegal street races or simply absorb the sights and sounds of the open road, like vast plains and winding mountain trails . “Heading Out is a game for anyone who longs for freedom, space, and speed,” the press release reads.

With a roguelike-esque structure, each run in Heading Out will be “radically different every time”, according to the developer, with the freedom to determine your own destination and the route you take to get there. need to take care of the condition of your car, its fuel and the money needed to keep driving.

Over 100 unique events will appear as short comics, the majority of which result in a meaningful choice with consequences that can impact your journey. You could fight, split your fuel with a stranger, or call on an old friend, for example. Your journey will be narrated via radio, with commentary on your actions provided by outspoken hosts.

A psychological test will also allow you to define your personality by asking you various questions to shape the type of driver you will be at each race. Heading Out will arrive on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC end 2022, and you can check out the trailer below.


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