Here’s the Four Seasons Total Landscaping movie trailer you’ve been waiting for – thank you, MSNBC!


Finally, we get a first look at MSNBC’s highly anticipated “Four Seasons Total Documentary”, ahead of the anniversary of the holy fiasco that started it all – when a botched reservation plagued a miserable Philadelphia-based landscaping store and the ‘inadvertently turned into a media spectacle.

The store – Four Seasons Total Landscaping – made headlines just four days after the 2020 presidential election. After a tweet and a series of calls involving Trump’s legal team, the landscaping store became l unlikely host of an infamous press conference hosted by former President’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Since then, Four Seasons Total Landscaping has become a social media sensation and inspiration for songs, parodies and artwork.

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Known for being sandwiched between an adult sex toy store and a crematorium, the store also capitalized on its newfound fame with exclusive merchandise, a summer concert, and a Super Bowl commercial.

“We sat in a corner and used our humor to get out of it,” said a member of the store in the film’s trailer.

We also hear additional excerpts from testimonials from employees and store owners. In one case, a store worker was seen clearing the voicemail of the company’s landline, which was inundated with thousands of messages regarding the press conference.

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Snippets of passionate crowds wearing Trump’s paraphernalia complement screenshots from social media posts mocking the event. A sitcom tune plays in the background video footage of Giuliani happily starting the press conference.

“Wow, what a beautiful day thank you,” Giuliani said courageously in one scene. Indeed, it was.

“Four Seasons Total Documentary” will premiere Sunday, November 7 at 10 p.m. on MSNBC. Watch the trailer below via Youtube.

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