How to have a movie, a game night with friends while socially distancing yourself



It’s only been a day since bars, nightclubs, many cinemas and more were closed, but are you already missing your friends or that special long-distance person?

The public have been urged to stay home to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean you can’t socialize.

Here’s how to throw a party, while following CDC-recommended social distancing practices:

1. Watch Netflix movies and shows at the same time, but from the comfort of your own home
The Chrome extension Netflix party creates a feature on your Netflix interface that lets you chat with shared viewers and keep the party going while you watch. It lets you play and pause for everyone in the group so you stay in sync.

2. Play games like Cards Against Humanity against your friends online
AirConsole, a leading global platform for casual games, has announced that it will provide everyone with free access to all of its video games during COVID-19 lockdowns. AirConsole is a cloud-based video game console that can be accessed from any home through the web browser. All gamers need to play is a smartphone and a computer. They have a library of 150 games in a variety of genres, including game night’s favorite, Cards Against Humanity. Dozens of games are still free, but you can also use promo code “919 2020” to get two weeks of free access to other games.

3. Video chat while you do # 1 and # 2
With Google Hangout, Facebook Messenger and many more, free group video chats don’t miss your friends’ faces for a minute!

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