John Carpenter still wants to make a Dead Space movie


With more games coming to the big screen, fans are starting to love their dream adaptations. Although it doesn’t seem true that casual gamers don’t just want to see their favorite movie come to life.

Dead Space could be John Carpenter’s first project in over 10 years.

According to legendary horror filmmaker John Carpenter, he would love to make a Dead Space movie if given the chance.

Carpenter’s taste for horror, action, and science fiction makes him an ideal candidate for a live-action adaptation of Dead Space. The best part is that the Halloween creator is willing to let it go. In fact, Carpenter has referenced Dead Space several times earlier, so it’s likely he’s been brainstorming ideas over the years.

The reveal came in a recent interview with the AV Club where he shared his thoughts on the sci-fi horror trilogy, calling it “movie-ready”. He said he loved the game that no one else loved this game that is Dead Space 3. Besides having fun with Dead Space, Carpenter took this time to list some of his video games favourites.

Dead space is a popular space horror genre.

Apparently, Carpenter isn’t exactly a hate train after admitting that Bethesda’s Fallout 76 is one of his favorite video games and he spent nearly two hours playing the much-maligned game.

Carpenter hasn’t done anything for years, but that shouldn’t stop him or Electronic Arts from rolling the dice. At least Dead Space could work in tandem with the remake, which will be announced soon in January.

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