Jordan Peele’s Nope Movie Finale Trailer Breakdown


Jordan Peele’s latest trailer Nope dropped, and it sounds simple enough…maybe? There’s a lot of “it’s not what you think” dialogue words that make me guess what’s up there in the sky, but the trailer at least shows us who our main cast is. trying make discovery. Will it work for them? Lol no. Well…maybe? I do not know. No, I don’t know at all.

Something above the clouds that’s tall

The trailer opens with a monologue from Ricky Park (Steven Yeun) who, we’ll see later, entertains a crowd about to see an “absolute spectacle.” Mixed in with this footage are shots of OJ and Emerald Haywood (Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer) discussing a show one of them, the one who probably killed their father. As things get more ominous, the mood suddenly shifts to something more dynamic. The Temptations’ “Ball of Confusion” plays through this next segment of the trailer as Emerald takes the terrifying notion “this cloud is probably alive” and suggests turning it into an opportunity.

Emerald. Sister. Read the title of the movie, please, though we get some interesting uses of the word when the siblings respond with “hell no” when asked if they’re going to reveal what they’re trying to do.

As Giorgio A. Tsoukalos once said…

ancient aliens
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The assumption is that it’s, ahem, ALIENS that hang in the sky. Emerald decides they can get rich from discovery if they get, quote, “Oprah Shot” of whatever’s up there. They call in extra help to set up cameras around their house (it’s Brandon Perea’s “Angel”) and contact Michael Wincott (who plays a character named Antlers Holst) to capture everything on film. However, it seems the aliens aren’t interested in being found out, so they start fighting back, going so far as to “paint” the Haywood house in blood. I suspect some horses won’t make it out alive.

Maybe put the camera down?

The rest of the trailer lends much more weight to the situation. We are told that what is happening in the sky is not what we think, and now the aliens (if that’s what they are) fight back. Admittedly, it’s unclear who started anything (after all, Pops died somehow), but the implication of the trailer is that the attempt to film only did only make things worse. People run away in panic, get caught, and the only safety measure seems to be “don’t look, don’t look, don’t look”.

Then there’s this quote here: “That dream you’re chasing, where you end up on top of the mountain? It’s the one you never wake up from. Yeah, something tells me trying to make money from what’s going on is going to end in complete disaster. I also have a feeling that the whole “don’t watch” message will also be a topic of discussion. Are either of these things the big lesson of the movie? Yes? Maybe? Nope? We will have to wait until July 22, 2022 to find out.

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