New Movie Trailer Shows Horrors of Meeting Sebastian Stan


Hulu today released the trailer for Costs, an upcoming thriller that will be released in early March. The story is universal: a girl is frustrated with life on dating apps until she meets a guy who stands out and they start a relationship. The less universal part is that this guy has some potentially dangerous secrets lurking in the background, and by the time she finds out about them, it might be too late. Come to think of it, it’s not that rare after all.

The trailer cuts to the chase and explains why Noa (Daisy EdgarJones) is having a bad time with dating apps. The story then goes like a nice boy-meets-girl in a supermarket, with silly jokes and cute looks, and just when you think we’re going down the romcom road… well, the soundtrack of “Heads Will Roll” playing in the background and Steve (Sebastian Stan) stating that he’s not going to tell a secret or Noa would freak out should make it clear that this girl is in trouble.


The star duo are likely to get a lot of viewership on Hulu: Edgar-Jones rose to prominence after starring in Hulu’s normal peopleone of the most critically acclaimed series of 2020. It was recently in Netflix War of the Worlds. Stan developed a huge fanbase after playing Bucky Barnes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was recently on another Hulu series and he also played half of a somewhat different couple: Pam and Tommy. With Edgar-Jones, Stan and a twisted romantic comedy on the table, Costs could end up becoming one of next month’s must-watch titles.

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Costs is led by Mimi’s Cave, who is making her feature film directorial debut after directing music videos for several years. Cave’s debut was selected to premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and, at the time, the filmmaker revealed that aside from the thriller aspect of the story, there were other topics and twists she wanted to address with the film:

“[Fresh] is really kind of a classic boy-girl thriller, with a twist and it comments on the perils of contemporary dating,” says Cave. “I would also consider this a movie about female friendships and a kind of weird coming-of-age movie. […] The tone in which [the script] came across was unique. I felt like I had the opportunity to do something different and take an age-old story and twist it, and chop it up if you will.

Cave refers to the script in Lauryn Kahnwho previously wrote the Netflix comedy Ibiza. She also worked on the set of Half brothers, the other guys and East and down, so we know she has comedy roots. It will be interesting to see how the screenwriter mixes humor with the more disturbing aspects of the story.

Hulu premieres Costs March 4.

You can watch the trailer below:

‘Fresh’: Sebastian Stan’s Sundance thriller to premiere on Hulu

The thriller will be available to stream on Hulu in the United States starting March 4.

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