PASSENGERS OF THE NIGHT (2022) Movie Trailer: Charlotte Gainsbourg’s radio show work brings an inspiring presence to her life


Passengers of the Night Trailer

Mikhaël Herspassengers of the night / Passengers of the Night (2022) movie trailer was released by crazy movies. passengers of the night trailer stars Charlotte Gainsbourg, Noee Abita, Quito Rayon Richter, Megan Northam, Thibault Vinconand Emmanuelle Beart.


Maud Ameline, Mariette Desertand Mikhaël Hers wrote the screenplay passengers of the night. Anton Sanko created the music for the film. Sebastian Buchman designed the film’s cinematography.


Plot Synopsis

passengers of the nightPlot Synopsis: “Election night, 1981. Socialist Francois Mitterrand has been proclaimed president and there are celebrations all over Paris. But it’s not a happy night for Elisabeth (Charlotte Gainsbourg), whose marriage ended unexpectedly. She must find ways to support herself and her two children. When she stumbles upon a job on her favorite radio show, she meets Talulah (Noée Abita), a struggling charismatic young woman, and invites her into her home. Talulah’s free spirit has a lasting impact, inspiring confidence in every member of the family.

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Passengers of the Night Trailer


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