Pixar’s Lightyear movie trailer starring Chris Evans could release in November



Fans could get their first glimpse of Pixar’s Lightyear, the new animated film starring Chris Evans, in November alongside Disney’s Encanto.

Pixar’s first trailer Light year, new Toy story film starring Chris Evans, could be released in November. Pixar is known to produce acclaimed animated feature films, but few are as appreciated as the Toy story series. After releasing three exceptionally well-received films, many expected Woody, Buzz and the others to retire for good, and for several years Pixar and Disney largely retained this property for TV specials and expansions. of amusement parks. Then, in 2019, the studios released Toy story 4, which ultimately looked like the definitive end of the franchise.

It still is, but at the same time, it is not. At last winter’s Investor Day event, Pixar announced Light year, a new animated film centered around Buzz Lightyear. Instead of being on the toy, however, he will focus on the man who inspired him. Chris Evans will voice Buzz for Light year, while Angus MacLane is on board as manager. Light year is currently slated for a June 2022 release, although the next major look at the film could come a lot closer now.

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Daniel Gonzalez, an animator at Pixar, tweeted that the first Light year the trailer will be associated with that of Disney Encanto, which hits theaters in November. He then deleted the tweet, but a screenshot was taken by JackTweets44. This isn’t exactly an explicit confirmation, although the fact that Gonzalez deleted his tweet seems to support the idea.

Aside from the films of the 20th century, Encanto will be the first Disney animated film to arrive exclusively in theaters since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. With that in mind, it makes sense that they would want to join the first Light year trailer to it. Encanto could see a good number of families wanting to go back to the movies during the holidays, which will ensure that a good number of people will see the Light year trailer on the big screen. Additionally, by releasing the trailer several months before the film itself arrives, Pixar and Disney can begin to create a hype.

We know very little about Light year At this point, a trailer could therefore go a long way in promoting it. Aside from Evans, the voice cast is still a mystery, and aside from the human detail, no plot details have been revealed. Light year is a highly anticipated project based on the involvement of Evans and the Toy story connection alone, but it will take more to really grab viewers. Perhaps a first animated trailer released in late November could spark some exciting conversations. It remains to be seen what Pixar and Disney decide to do.

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Source: Daniel Gonzales (via JackTweets44)

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