Production company buys rights to Street Fighter: The Movie Game, 64 more retro titles



Retro games are all the rage these days, which is exactly why Liquid Media Group decided to take over 65 video game properties, including Street Fighter: the movie, for a contract of about a million dollars. While licensing issues prevent them from releasing or creating sequels for some of these games, the fact that they have been acquired means that Liquid Media is likely planning to resurrect at least some of these titles in some way. another one.

Of the 65 games that Liquid Media Group acquired from Throwback Entertainment, the one that immediately caught our attention is Street Fighter: the movie. This bizarre fighter is best known for his horror, as a game based on an equally terrible movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. It was also Raul Julia’s last film, which just seems cosmically unfair. Still, if Liquid Media is able to bring it back to market, we imagine a lot of people would want to add it to their collection just for its odd place in gaming history.

People from Geek Thread have the full list of recently acquired games ready for your reading, including the likes of Baseball All Star, Bubble Bobble, Bust a move, NBA Jam, NFL Quarterback Club, NHL Breakaway, Tee shot and more. Again, the licenses will likely provide a lot of red tape to keep some of these games from making it easy to hit the market, but we’ll just have to wait and see what Liquid Media Group has in store. Based on their announcement, it looks like they’re more interested in making these old-school games available to new audiences rather than developing sequels or spin-offs.

In a statement explaining the acquisition, LMG chairman Joshua Jackson explained that his team was motivated by the resurgence of classic gaming. Nintendo has had a lot of success with its NES and SNES Classic, and just a few weeks ago Sony announced that it would be launching a PlayStation Classic this holiday season preloaded with 20 games. There is clearly a market for this brand of games, as both Nintendo mini-consoles have sold like crazy and PlayStation expects a similar reception. At the very least, acquisitions like this are exciting because they show that some companies are interested in preserving the history of games, potentially making older titles available in digital markets rather than letting them disappear altogether in the world. darkness.

According to the original report, Throwback Entertainment received 670,000 shares of Liquid Media in exchange for the rights to the 65 games, which represents a transaction worth approximately $ 1 million. Given their inspiration from Sony and Nintendo, there’s a chance we’re looking at some sort of collection, rather than a bunch of older games made available.



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