Puri Jagannadh released the trailer for Bandla Ganesh’s “Degala Babji” movie



Well-known actor and big-price movie producer Bandla Ganesh makes his hero debut in ‘Degala Babji’. Directed by newcomer Venkat Chandra, the film is presented by Rishi Agastya of Yash Rishi Films and produced by Swathi Chandra. The thriller has finished filming. Currently, post-production work is underway. The film will be released in theaters soon. Bold and dashing filmmaker Puri Jagannadh unveiled the trailer for the film at an event.

In the trailer, the character of Bandla Ganesh is presented as a suspect in a murder case. Degala Babji is his name. The entire trailer only features him. Some lines are interesting. The protagonist says that fifty demons scare him. In another line, Babji cries out that he is overcome with anger. “He didn’t cry when he was born, but I’ve been crying since he was born,” another line continues. “Although she is small, my mother is beautiful. Is it obligatory for my mother to be beautiful? Bandla Ganesh shows a lot of versatility while uttering these lines.

The title poster for the film was released by successful director Harish Shankar. The poster showed a bruised and bloodied Bandla Ganesh watching intently. After a hard-hitting poster, the directors took the right notes with a stunning trailer.

Speaking on the occasion, the director and producer said, “For the first time on the Telugu screen, a single actor film is in the works. There are other characters in the film as well. , we only hear their voices, we don’t see them. As the lead actor, Bandla Ganesh garu delivered a fantastic performance. He had to undergo a makeover for this role. The first look was a success . The trailer, too, is receiving an encouraging reception. The release date of our film will be announced soon. “

The songs will be unveiled on Aditya Music. PRO: Surendra Kumar Naidu-Phani Kandukuri (Beyond the Media); Artistic Director: Gandhi Nadikudikar; Publisher: SB Uddhav; Director of photography: Arun Devineni; History: R Parthiban; Dialogues: Marudhuri Raja, Vydehi; Musical director: Lynus Madiri; Presenter: Rishi Agasthya; Production House: Yash Rishi Films; Director: Venkat Chandra; Producer: Swathi Chandra

Puri Jagannadh released that of Bandla Ganesh "Degala Babji" movie trailer



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