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Star Trek: Discovery actress Sara Mitich is the focus of the all-new trailer for upcoming sci-fi thriller Control.

Star Trek: Discovery actress Sara Mitich is at the center of the all-new trailer for the upcoming sci-fi thriller Control. The story of Control revolves around a mother who finds herself locked in a mysterious room and is tasked by an unknown voice with increasingly difficult challenges if she is to save her daughter’s life. However, as she completes her daunting task, she unlocks abilities from deep within herself. Directed by filmmaker/stuntman James Marks (Shazam!, Pacific Rim), the film also stars George Tchortov, Evie Loiselle and Karen LeBlanc.


Now Saban Films has released a brand new poster and official trailer for Control, spotlighting Sara Mitich’s character, Eileen, as she tries to find a way out of confinement. The trailer begins with a confused and startled Eileen as she wakes up to find herself tied to a chair in an austere room. She is then commanded by an unknown voice to undergo a set of tasks within the time limit, or her daughter will be killed. As the tasks become increasingly intense and the stakes rise until Eileen finds it nearly impossible to succeed, she discovers unexpected powers, with which she plans a daring escape. Check out the trailer below:

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Saban Films has released an increasing number of new releases every year since its inception in 2014. With films like 2020 Vivarium with Jesse Eisenberg, the studio has shown its ability to produce and distribute unique film projects. Control has been described as a mix between other sci-fi movies like cube and Lucy, and the trailer shows off the ingredients for what could be another modern cult classic. The public can consult Control when the film hits select theaters September 23 and on VOD starting September 27.

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Source: Saban Films

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