‘SNL’ Finds Horror in Biden vs. DeSantis Movie Trailer


Saturday Night Live, fake movie trailers and political satire go together like orange, yellow and white stripes on candy corn: they don’t do anything mind-blowing, but they’re fun and familiar. For this year’s Halloween episode, the show conjured up a trailer for the scariest concept horror this side of M3GAN: the Democratic primaries for the presidential election of 2024. Scary! Chloe Fineman is the protagonist who is spooked by a news program saying that Joe Biden has announced he will run again in 2024. Punkie Johnson does the math on this: if he’s 79 now and the election is in two years, it will be, according to the calculations of its calculator application, a number so frightening that it almost fell. “Why are we so worried? asks Fineman. “He did so much!”

“But he fell off his bike once,” says Mikey Day, summarizing how destructive the news cycle can be during an election year. Then Bernie’s name is written in blood on the wall as REDRUM, which is less of a horror trope and more of the interior design sensibility of any communal living space in Bushwick. By the time the skit comes to Day demonically chanting “I’m with her” and banging her head against the wall, you realize the scariest twist of all: SNL more or less accidentally recreated American Horror Story: Cult. Oh the horror!


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