Sonic Frontiers gives its words in the movie


The Sonic movies were a huge hit for the franchise, the hype kept interest in the series high and everyone excited for the next game, Sonic Frontiers. Now, it’s clear that Sonic Team is taking inspiration from the movies, and an attack in Frontiers comes from the previous sequel.

The blue blur is spotted by Sonic fans playing demos ahead of the game’s launch in January. A simple sequence, which leaves Sonic glowing with bright blue energy, can be a big difference between his eyes and using the Cyloop ability. Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that this is beaten for the same time we see in the Sonic 2 movie, suggesting we might see more references to it in the final game.


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The initial video, which appears to be taken from the Sonic Frontiers demo at EGX London, shows the player turning around with the new Cyloop ability. After they complete three loops, they receive a short clip of Sonic harnessing some kind of blue energy.

After that, Sonic can run even faster than before, going through Frontiers’ centralized landline. Whether this will unlock other abilities, like being invisible against enemies, or even being able to shatter them by simply encountering them, is unclear.

Despite previous tests, there would be no movement below Sonic’s belt.

If you’re in the UK and can try out Sonic Frontiers if you can, a demo can be obtained from EGX London over the weekend. We have long had to try Frontiers at various conventions. Although it’s unclear if this very unique Sonic game can hold the landing.


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