Teen Wolf: The Movie Trailer Breakdown


After years of fans hoping to see a return to Beacon Hills, Teen Wolf: The Movie is finally underway – and is set to premiere on Paramount+ later this year. The original series ran for six seasons and 100 episodes, which explored the life of teenage Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) as he struggled to become a werewolf and ultimately the savior of Beacon Hills. Scott’s best friend (and fan favorite) Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien), his first love Allison Argent (crystal reed), their friends Lydia Martin (Holland Roden) and Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig), and a host of others, namely Scott’s original alpha, Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin). The filmwhich takes place several years after the events of the original series, features the teen discarded as adults, which – according to Posey – means there could be a bit more swearing involved. Sadly, Dylan O’Brien opted out of returning as the most popular character (which we’re still upset about), but we’ve been reassured that we’ll find out what happened to Stiles in the meantime. Don’t worry though, it’s Beacon Hills, which means there will still be plenty of teen wolves running around there to get the job done. At least there better be some, otherwise the name just wouldn’t make sense.


Check out the official synopsis for the film below.

In Teen Wolf: the movie, a full moon rises in Beacon Hills, and with it a terrifying evil has emerged. The wolves howl again, calling for the return of banshees, werecoyotes, hellhounds, kitsunes, and all other shapeshifters into the night. But only a werewolf like Scott McCall, no longer a teenager but still an alpha, can muster both new allies and trusted friends to fight against what might be the most powerful enemy and the deadliest they have ever faced.

Recently, the first trailer for Teen Wolf: The Movie came out in conjunction with this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and we’re thrilled. Not only does the trailer give us our first official look at where our favorite Wolf Pack ended up, it teases plenty of comebacks and even new characters along the way. So let’s tie in and dissect some of the most important parts of this trailer…

No Stiles

As we said before, there was no surprise appearance from Dylan O’Brien here in the trailer, and while the jury is still out technically until we see The film ourselves (Andrew Garfield really did a number on our celebrity trust issues…), it’s safe to say that Stiles won’t be coming back to Beacon Hills with Scott. When we last saw young Stilinski, he was working with the FBI, and it’s very possible he’s on assignment elsewhere during the events of the film. Hoping he and Lydia are still an item. It took them too long to find each other!

While Stiles doesn’t appear in the trailer, his trademark Jeep makes an appearance as Scott (holding an injured Derek, perhaps?) heads for their infamous getaway car. Two shots later, Stiles’ father, Sheriff Noah Stilinski (Linden Ashby) seems to be crawling away from an attacker, leaving our favorite sheriff in danger. Let’s hope Scott gets there in time.

The Oni

Last appeared in the third season (presumably Teen Wolf‘s best), the Oni were a group of demonic warriors who were essentially unstoppable. Originally they were released to hunt the Nogitsune (more on that in a minute) but were eventually used by the Void Creature to attack our heroes instead. Oni aren’t necessarily evil beings, but they can be used or manipulated by whoever summons them first, making them incredibly deadly warriors with very few weaknesses. The last time Scott and his friends faced the Oni, Allison Argent was killed in battle.

If the Oni are back, it can only mean that a deadly supernatural force is on the way, one more fearsome than anything the McCall Pack has faced in years. Hoping they don’t take another of our heroes into battle…

daddy derek

We might be used to seeing Tyler Hoechlin play a dad by now Superman and Loisbut his Teen Wolf The character has always been more of a bad boy. At times, Derek was actually the villain in the Teen Wolf saga, though more often than not he was an ally of Scott and his wolf pack, even joining his group at the end of the series. In The film trailer, we see an older, seemingly more mature Derek who has a young “teen wolf” named Eli (played by Vince Mattis). Although we know almost nothing about Eli and his relationship with his father, we do know that they will play an important role in the next Teen Wolf adventure.

A fun fact about the film, Posey and Hoechlin also serve as executive producers on this film, which allowed Hoechlin to help cast Mattis for the role of his son. We’ve seen Derek try to be a mentor and a father figure before, and it doesn’t always go well, but here we’ll see him being a father, and there’s no doubt he’ll be a different father to Superman. .

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Scott and Malia

Near the start of the trailer, there appears to be a moment where Scott and Malia are running through the halls of Beacon Hills High together, but the second person in the photo is admittedly a bit hard to tell apart. Shortly after, Malia reappears, seemingly protecting her relative Eli Hale. But when Teen Wolf ended, Scott and Malia had finally reunited after an entire season of “will they/won’t they”, both moving away from their past loves and facing the future together. Although, in the classic Teen Wolf fashion, they will probably separate them for no valid reason in favor of another character which we will talk about a little later…

While the current status of Scott and Malia’s relationship is unclear, we do know that Malia is fiercely loyal and will help protect her pack no matter what dangers lie ahead or injuries come their way.

Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department

We already know Sheriff Stilinski is still roaming Beacon Hills, but we’ve learned that Deputy Jordan Parrish (ryan kelly) aka the Hellhound is still going strong. Joining them – ostensibly as a new MP – is actually Liam Dunbar’s (Dylan Sprayberry) best friend and member of the McCall Pack, Mason Hewitt (Khylin Rambo). Mason has been a huge help over the past few seasons of the show and has quickly become a fan-favorite character. His time in Beacon Hills as a member of local law enforcement is very much in his character.

Sadly, we didn’t see much of Liam in this trailer (just lots of Scott and Derek action), but hopefully he’ll be featured prominently in the promotion of the film in the future!

Deaton’s Return

It was a brief peek and you might miss it, but we did see a quick glimpse of Doctor Deaton (Seth Giliam), which was barely part of Teen Wolfis the last season. But it looks like Deaton is still around Beacon Hills and will hopefully return to help advise an older Scott McCall the same way he did before on the show. Deaton was one of the most interesting characters in Teen Wolf, because for a long time its history was something of a mystery. It’s unclear if he’ll be as mysterious as before or a bit more liberal in his supernatural knowledge, but we know we’re happy to see him back. Teen Wolf one more time!

The Nemeton

The Nemeton was a huge source of supernatural power in Beacon Hills and often proved to be a gateway to one’s own subconscious and inner desires. Beyond that, the wood of the Nemeton was used to construct a prison box for the Nogitsune, and also has other supernatural properties embedded within – often harnessed through ritual sacrifice. Scott, Stiles, and Allison were all known to have visited the Nemeton – which seems to change location – during their stay in Beacon Hills, and it turned out to be a resource for the powers of light and darkness. Hoping the good guys reach it first!

Although this one appears to be the Nemeton of Beacon Hills, there are obviously seven of them around the world, each holding their own power and attracting supernatural creatures, essentially serving as a “lighthouse” (hence the town’s name ). The latest news, Gérard Argent (Michael Hogan), Tamora Monroe (Sibongile Mlambo), and their army of hunters destined to travel the world to destroy every Nemeton. Could this be where this movie picks up?

heroes in crisis

We also see several of our heroes, including Scott, Derek, and Lydia, in some kind of battle sequence. There’s no doubt that a return to Beacon Hills means there will be paranormal violence, but as we witness brief glimpses of our heroes in peril, we can’t help but be a little scared. – especially since we don’t know if Lydia will. never see Stiles again. But one thing is for sure, the brief glimpses of our heroes that we see are truly exciting and are sure to create some incredible moments in the film.

The Nogitsun

Speaking of the Nemeton, the Teen Wolf: The Movie teaser appears to be narrated by a being known as Nogitsune (at one point played by Aaron Hendry), a Void Kitsune who tried to kill Scott, Stiles and all their friends during the third season of Teen Wolf. The Nogitsune lived for over a thousand years, and the last time it was unearthed, it possessed Stiles and used its deepest, darkest fears to torment him. The Nogitsune was one of the McCall Pack’s greatest foes, and the events of season three – namely the death of Allison Argent – haunted our heroes for years to come.

If the Nogitsune is back, then something dark is about to happen in Beacon Hills. It’s unclear what kind of playful revenge this Void creature hopes to inflict on our heroes, but based on the trailer’s voice-over narration, it doesn’t sound to be good…

Allison is alive

Somehow, Scott McCall’s first true love has returned from the grave, and Scott makes sure to tell his mother Melissa (Melissa Ponzio), and father figure – and Allison’s father – Chris Argent (JD Bourne), immediately. How Allison returned from the grave is unclear; this could easily be a Nogitsune trick meant to torment Scott even more than it already was due to his death. But if Allison is really back, then that changes everything. In Allison’s final moments, she and Scott admit their true love for each other, but Scott has since tried to fill the void Allison left in his life with others. With Allison back in the fight, the future of Teen Wolf seems a bit more upbeat, albeit in darker ways.

One thing is for sure, it will be good to see Crystal Reed return to Teen Wolf, and although she returned to the series in the fifth season, she did not play Allison but rather one of her ancestors in a series of flashbacks to the distant past. If a Scott McCall/Allison Argent reunion was on your bingo card for 2022, then you’re the real winner here.

Teen Wolf: The Movie is set to premiere on Paramount+ in 2022.


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