The 2021 movie trailer mash-up, the Don’t Look Up & More improvisation



(The morning watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of notable videos from the web. It could be video essays, fan-made productions, feature films, shorts, hilarious skits, or anything about our favorite movies and TV shows.)

In this edition, our old friend Sleepy Skunk returns with the 2021 movie trailer mash-up to help us close the year at the movies. Additionally, director Adam McKay talks about the improvisation he encouraged on the set of the highly controversial climate change satire “Don’t Look Up”. And finally, Jim Gaffigan answers a bunch of questions from fans on the occasion of the release of his new stand-up special on Netflix.

Sleepy Skunk 2021 movie trailer mash-up

First, after delivering several years of Movie Trailer Mash-Up material, Sleeping skunk is back with the 2021 movie trailer mash-up. Fortunately, this year isn’t nearly as bad as 2020, and there was a lot more material to remix and assemble to celebrate this year in theaters, whether on the big screen or streaming at home. As always, this video is cut so elegantly, and there are a lot of movies that you probably missed. Get a full list of movies in the order they appear, along with a list of music used, at on the YouTube page of the video.

The improvisation of Don’t Look Up

Following, Netflix is launching a small web series with Adam McKay, director of “Don’t Look Up” and “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”, called “Seriously Funny Film School”. In the first installment of the series, the filmmaker talks about the improvisation of his actors throughout the production in order to find the funniest version of a given scene. Hear his philosophy on comedy, and check out plenty of behind-the-scenes footage as well.

Ask a comedian: Jim Gaffigan

Finally, alongside the release of his new stand-up special, “Comedy Monster”, comedian Jim Gaffigan answers questions from fans about his comedy and career for Netflixfrom the “Ask a Comedian” video series. Does he have any strange rituals before going on stage? What are the strangest places he’s played? Does he merge with other celebrities? How was her very first audition? Get all of these questions answered and more.



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