The Kurt Warner Story movie trailer released


Hey, wait, where are the Arizona Cardinals?

The first official trailer for “American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story” premiered on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday evening; Warner and Zachary Levi, who plays Warner in the film, were guests.

The trailer, absolutely dripping with inspiration, focuses on the first part of his career. It shows Levi, as Warner, walking into the office of Mike Martz, the St. Louis Rams-era offensive coordinator. Chance Kelly plays Martz.

“Tell me,” he said to Levi as Warner.

“Tell you what?” “

“Why should a team worth $ 800 million, with one of the most complex offenses ever built, put you in the driver’s seat.” You are too old to be a beginner, too green to be a pro. So why the hell would I give you this chance? “

The trailer, presumably like the movie, answers this question. And Warner’s character says so later in the trailer. “I wasn’t ready for this. But I am now.

Kurt Warner among Phoenix area celebrities:From Alice Cooper to Michael Phelps, these celebrities have made their home in the Phoenix subway

How Warner went from the grocery store to the Hall of Fame

If you’re familiar with Warner and his history, this next part probably doesn’t require a spoiler alert. Warner went from an undrafted player who worked storage shelves – dutifully shown here – to Hall of Fame, winning a Super Bowl and two MVP awards with the Rams along the way. He also took the Cardinals to the Super Bowl, which is probably his most miraculous feat of all.

The trailer also shows Warner getting cut off by the Green Bay Packers. And it shows it with his wife, Brenda, played by Anna Paquin.

“You defied all odds,” she told him. Then, “You were born for this. “

Dennis Quaid plays Rams coach Dick Vermeil.

“There is something special about you, son,” he told Warner.

It’s impossible to judge a movie by a trailer, but there’s no doubt that “American Underdog” will focus on Warner’s journey, his unlikely nature, and hard work. Watch how it ends, after all.

“Fate belongs to the underdogs,” Warner’s character says.

“Do you want to prove it?” Said the character of Vermeil.

And in fairness, Warner did.

“American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story” hits theaters December 25.

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