The love story of Tohru Honda’s parents


The prequel film Fruits Basket -prelude- gets a trailer, exploring the relationship between Kyoko and Katsuya, with appearances from Tohru and the Soma family.

A new trailer for Fruit basket The previous film gives a deeper insight into Tohru’s parents. The movie is based on the Fruit basket TV series, which follows Tohru Honda (Manaka Iwami / Laura Bailey) an orphan taken in by the Soma family. Following this, Tohru quickly discovers the family’s generational secret. The Soma family are cursed to transform into different zodiac animals whenever they feel overwhelmed or are hugged by a member of the opposite sex.

Fruit basket has seen many different forms, originally a manga of the same name written and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya. After gaining popularity, it was adapted for the screen in 2001, but departed significantly from the creator’s original story. To try again in 2019, Fruit basket as fans know, it is now much more faithful to the manga and has resulted in the growth of the already large fan base. Although Fruit basket remained mostly authentic to the manga it is based on, some characters’ backstories were left out in the adaptation, such as Tohru’s parents.


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While Tohru’s parents are only really seen in flashbacks, Fruit basket -prelude- explores the relationship between Kyoko and Katsuya before Tohru. Directed by Yoshihide Ibata, the film sees Katsuya help Kyoko find new hope after having a rough start in life. Kyoko seeks solace in Katsuya as she struggles with family and school issues. Fruit basket -prelude- is slated for release in select theaters in the United States and Canada on June 25, 28, and 29 (subtitled and dubbed). The UK soon follows with a dub-only release on July 20. Watch the new trailer below via Crunchyroll Dubs:

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Fruit basket -prelude- has many Fruits Basket anime creators on its team, such as screenwriter Taku Kishimoto and composer Masaru Yokoyama. Likewise, all of the original voice actors will return for Fruit basket -prelude- with Miyuki Sawashiro and Yoshimasa Hosoya giving voice to Kyoko and Katsuya Honda. Likewise, Lydia Mackay and J. Michael Tatum will provide their English counterparts.

After the third and final season of Fruits Basket concluded last year, Fruit basket -prelude- will take fans back to before Tohru got involved with the Soma family. That being said, Fruit basket -prelude- will also conclude Tohru’s story, as it introduces new events taking place after the Fruit basket lively. Previously released stills have already revealed that Tohru will be making an appearance alongside characters like Kyo (Yūma Uchida/Jerry Jewell) and Yuki Soma (Nobunaga Shimazaki/Eric Vale). With the release date fast approaching, hopefully, Fruit basket -prelude- does justice to such a beloved anime and manga series.

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