The New Mario movie trailer has a release date!


Mario is Nintendo’s mascot who debuted as a character in the game Donkey Kong in July 1981. After that, he got his own game under the Nintendo banner. The arcade game Mario Bros. was released in 1983 and had Mario as one of the main characters in the game. The successor of this game was Super Mario Bros. which was released in 1985. The success of these games led to the games being converted into a franchise. It is now the central series of the great franchise. At least one SM game has been released for all major Nintendo video game consoles. The success and influence of this game has been undeniable on pop culture. The game was very impressionable on 90s kids. So much so that it became a huge IP even outside of games.

The movies started coming in, the first being in 1993 – The Super Mario Bros. Movies. Now have always been hit or miss. So for a while we didn’t get a Mario movie until it was announced that a new movie which by definition would be rebooted will be released next year. What was surprising was the film’s cast, especially Chris Pratt playing Mario and Anya Taylor-Joy playing Princess Peach. The movie is currently untitled, but we recently received an update or issue that may have revealed the title of the new movie. According to this report, the title of the movie is Super Mario Bros, which is identical to the live action movie Super Mario Bros. released in 1993, which was a critical and commercial bomb. However, today we have a real update on the movie, we know the premiere date of the trailer.

Chris Pratt’s Mario Film Trailer Coming Soon!

It was recently announced that the trailer or a first look at Chris Pratt’s Mario movie will be unveiled soon. Illumination and Nintendo today jointly announced that a trailer for the new film set in the world of Super Mario Bros. will air to fans at New York Comic Con on October 6 at 4 p.m. ET during the film’s panel. Nintendo first announced that it would be collaborating with Illumination and Universal on a new feature film adaptation of the Super Mario video games in January 2018, with production officially beginning in 2020.

The voice casting was announced in September 2021. Pratt’s casting was initially met with backlash from fans, particularly because the actor is not Italian. However, Pratt promised fans that the movie and his Mario voice would be “unlike anything you’ve heard before in the world of Mario.” Now you see, I love Chris Pratt and would love to believe him too, but also know that he said for a fact that Jurassic World: Dominion was going to be the “baddest” movie in the franchise, even if he didn’t mean he, ironically, he was right. I hope the movie and the trailer are great, but I can’t trust Pratt’s words anymore because he can say anything to promote his movies.

Check out the announcement message from Illumination and Nintendo:

With Chris Pratt playing the lead role, the film’s supporting cast includes Seth Rogen, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Jack Black, Fred Armisen, and Charles Martinet. Chris Pratt’s untitled film is set to hit theaters on April 7, 2023.

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