Tom Hanks and his dog brave the apocalypse in Finch movie trailer



Tom Hanks, his dog, and a newly built robot brave the apocalypse in an RV in the new trailer for the Apple TV + Finch adventure film.

Tom Hanks braves the apocalypse with his dog and a robot in the adventure film trailer Bullfinch. Original Apple TV + marks the feature film directorial debut of memorable director Miguel Sapochnik Game Of Thrones episodes “The Long Night”, “The Winds of Winter”, “Battle of the Bastards” and “Hardhome”.

Having delivered some of the most acclaimed moments from HBO’s epic fantasy series, Sapochnik now leads Hanks on an adventure into a world ravaged by environmental disaster. Oscar winner Hanks plays the titular Finch, a dying inventor who builds a robot to protect his dog and takes a trip across the country in an RV. Hanks, his dog, and the robot form an unlikely family as they brave the dangers they face along the way. Caleb Landry Jones co-stars in a motion capture performance as Finch’s loyal robot companion.

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Hanks and his two non-human family members are indeed almost everything in the new trailer for Bullfinch. See the action-packed clip in the space below (via Apple TV +):

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Bullfinch was of course not originally intended to be a streaming version. Universal first set up the project under the title BIOS like a movie movie, but COVID delays unfortunately led them to sell the movie to Apple TV +. Hanks’ star power is obviously the main draw with Bullfinch, as he appears to be the only human actor onscreen for much of the movie. Obviously, Hanks is no stranger to directing a movie almost on his own, as he pulled off a similar act almost solo in the 2000s. Castaway. In this movie, Hanks primarily played against a bloodstained volleyball named Wilson. At least in Bullfinch he gets a dog, and indeed the trailer teases a lot of adorable interactions between Hanks and the dog. But it is clear that Hanks’ robot becomes the key to his survival as Bullfinch Immerse yourself in post-apocalyptic road movie action starring deadly sandstorms.

It remains to be seen whether the promise of a Hanks-led post-apocalyptic adventure film will catch eyes on Apple TV + when the long delay. Bullfinch finally arrives. Hanks certainly has the charisma and acting skills to direct a film on his own. And director Sapochnik obviously knows epic storytelling, as he’s proven by directing some of the best episodes of Game Of Thrones. But obviously there is cause for concern Bullfinch given the way it was transmitted by Universal. It’s never a good sign when a studio decides to sell a movie to a streaming service, especially one starring a big star like Hanks. But maybe in this case the red flags are wrong and Bullfinch will prove to be a Hanks-worthy star vehicle and a rewarding adventure saga for Apple TV + subscribers.

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