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If you love video games, you’ve probably heard of the popular series Unexplored. The Naughty Dog series, created by Amy Hennig, has around 10 games in total, including spinoffs and collections, and has been around since 2007. An action-adventure story in a style similar to Indiana Jones, Unexplored is primarily available on PlayStation and follows the protagonist, Nathan Drake, an attractive and highly skilled treasure hunter, as he travels the world in search of his next prize, encountering plenty of issues along the way.

A film adaptation of Unexplored has been in development for a long time now, with the first discussions about the film taking place in 2008, shortly after the first game premiered. For a while there, it looked like he was going to stay in hell forever. development, but it’s finally almost there. For former fans of the video game series or those new to those interested in venturing out into this action-packed world for the first time, here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming one. Unexplored movie.

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What is the release date of Uncharted?

uncharted-movie-social Tom Holland

Unexplored has had quite a trip to the big screen so far. Starting in development in 2008, the film has passed through several different directors and writers over the years. Early fans heard of a release date in 2014, when Sony announced the film would premiere in the summer of 2016.

It was then carried over to the following year, before getting a three-year delay until 2020 after the director Travis Knight left the project, to possibly be replaced by Ruben Fleischer, who has already directed films like the land of zombies and Venom. Of course, we all know the kind of delays that many projects face due to COVID-19, Unexplored included.

To get to the point, Unexplored is finally set to arrive in theaters on February 18, 2022, in the USA. But if you’re in the UK, you can watch the movie a week earlier on February 11. Luckily for fans, it looks like that release date will stick around, so don’t hesitate to start planning your trip to the movies soon.


Is there an Uncharted trailer?

Sony Pictures has released the first official trailer for Unexplored on October 21, 2021. It offers the first major preview of the upcoming adventure film, with a treasure hunt and deadly risks galore.

On the same day, Sony also released a behind-the-scenes preview of the film, featuring stars Tom holland and Marl wahlberg introduce the story and discuss many dangerous stunts and beautiful places to be featured Unexplored.

Fans can also expect a second trailer to be released at some point before the film premieres in February.

Who’s in the cast of Uncharted?

As mentioned earlier, Holland and Wahlberg are the two stars of Unexplored. Holland, who many probably know for his role as Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, in the most recent Spider Man films and the MCU, along with many other major films, plays franchise star Nathan Drake, while Wahlberg, who has starred in films like The other guys, Boogie evenings, and more, plays his mentor, Sully. Also in the new movie are Sophie ali (The Savages, Grey’s Anatomy), Tati Gabrielle (The 100, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), and Antonia Banderas (Zorro’s mask, Genie).

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What is Uncharted based on?

Image via Sony

For those who do not know the Unexplored franchise, the upcoming film adaptation is based on the hugely popular video game series about a young treasure hunter and his many death-defying adventures. The first video game, the years 2007 Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, presents Nathan Drake as a supposed descendant of historical adventurer Sir Francis Drake, in search of the treasure of El Dorado, a so-called golden kingdom. Third-person perspective action game, the success of the first led to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves in 2009, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception in 2011, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End like the last of the main series in 2016. There have also been a few spinoffs and remastered versions. Of course, as such a profitable and acclaimed series, it’s no surprise that Sony has been trying to make a film adaptation for so long. In fact, after being in development hell for so long, it’s more of a surprise that the movie actually comes out. But hey, we’re not complaining.

Who are the characters confirmed for Uncharted?

tom holland unexplored film still
Image via Sony

While it is possible that there are a few characters from the video games – or original creations for the film – that appear in Unexplored but have yet to be revealed, the main cast of characters has thankfully been confirmed.

Tom Holland plays Nathan “Nate” Drake, a young man interested in traveling the world and hunting for ancient treasures. He is very adaptable and unafraid which makes him the perfect hero for this adventure.

The film’s co-director is Mark Walhberg as Victor “Sully” Sullivan, Nate’s older mentor who has been hunting fortune for a long time now. He develops a close trusting relationship with Nate, becoming his father figure.

Sophia Ali plays Chloe Frazer, another treasure hunter who travels with Nate throughout the film. In video games, she has a romantic affair with the protagonist, and it looks like she will be her sweetheart in the movie version as well.

There isn’t much information on the rest of the characters yet, although it has been revealed that Tati Gabrielle’s character name is Braddock, while Antonio Banderas plays the main antagonist of the treasure hunt. of the movie.

What is the plot of Uncharted?

Tom Holland in Uncharted
Image via Sony

It looks like most Unexplored will focus on the beginning of Nate’s story, with the entire plot of the film taking place before the events of the first game, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. The film will serve as a sort of prequel, showing Nate’s early development as a treasure hunter, and in particular, his relationship with Sully, who is the emotional hub of the video game franchise. In a way, it’s also the story of how Sully becomes the mustached, weathered man fans know and love. As Nate and Sully search for the treasure, they face a lot of puzzles and other difficulties.

At the same time, Nate searches for clues as to the whereabouts of his older brother, Samuel “Sam” Drake, a storyline that could possibly distract from the sibling’s story in the game’s version. Sam apparently disappears earlier while searching for the alleged treasure of explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who toured the world in the early 1500s – well, sort of. Magellan never really made it home, as he was killed on his travels and some of his crew ended the trip instead.

Magellan is said to have found a lot of gold on the way, which will likely be factored into the story of the film, as the book The life of Ferdinand Magellan and the first tour of the globe by Francis Henry Hill Guillemard appears in one of the film’s official photos. Another perhaps important fact to note is that Sir Francis Drake, Nate’s supposed ancestor, toured the world (completely) from 1577 to 1580, shortly after Magellan’s attempt. Only time will tell how the Unexplored The film will integrate the history and history of the video game in the adapted version.

When and where did Uncharted film?

After such a long delay for the film, Unexplored finally started filming in mid-March 2020. As you might have guessed it didn’t last long, and right after filming started it had to be shut down due to the COVID pandemic -19. As such an international film, Sony planned to shoot across Europe. Unexplored production was able to restart at the end of July 2020, while respecting all security protocols, with filming taking place mainly in Germany and Spain. Manufacture for Unexplored finally finished in late October, and it’s probably now in post-production.


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