Uncharted movie trailer shows Tom Holland in precise action scenes



Sony is releasing the first Uncharted movie trailer, featuring Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake in action-packed action shots.

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The first one Unexplored The trailer for the film is officially released. A film adaptation of the popular PlayStation video game series has been in development for over a decade, having gone through several directors and faced numerous release date delays. Even when the pieces finally fell into place with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg as iconic duo Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan, Unexplored suffered setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, the film is fast approaching its long-awaited release.

With Unexplored slated for release in February 2022, Sony has done its part to create buzz and anticipation. Last year audiences got their first glimpse of Holland as Nathan Drake, and in August, Unexplored footage was unveiled at CinemaCon. Since then, viewers have been waiting to get a glimpse of what director Ruben Fleischer has in store for them. As a result of the reports, the first Unexplored trailer arrived this week, the preview is now live.

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Via the official Playstation YouTube channel, Sony released the first Unexplored trailer. Watch it in the space below:

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The Unexplored games were very inspired by Indiana Jones, which made them suitable for processing on the big screen. According to the trailer, the Unexplored The film appears to have captured the fun action-adventure vibe players are familiar with, sending Nate and Sully on a savage quest for lost treasure. Holland, of course, is best known for his childlike enthusiasm for his Peter Parker in the MCU, which makes him an interesting choice for Drake. It will be fascinating to see his full performance in the final film, but the early returns in the trailer are quite promising. A veteran of big budget blockbusters, Holland is more than capable of handling Unexplored action sequences, and he has a few quips to showcase Nate’s sense of humor. Another big point to remember is the precision of the play of certain pieces of the decoration, like the scene of the end plane which recalls Uncharted 3.

Additional details about the story are also revealed in the trailer, including a mystery surrounding the disappearance of Nate’s brother, Sam. This seems to be the emotional heart of the film, as finding the treasure will help Nate find Sam. who is curious is Unexplored Sam is hiding in marketing materials at the moment, suggesting that there might be some kind of twist or surprise involving the character. It will be interesting to see if this is a recurring theme throughout the promotional campaign, or if future docs shed more light on Sam’s role (and who plays it). Independently, Unexplored looks like an entertaining action flick for the start of next year, so ideally this will be one of the few successful video game adaptations.

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Source: Sony

  • Unexplored (2022)Release Date: February 11, 2022

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