Watch: ‘A Year in the Movies 2021’ – A Movie Trailer Mashup by Jeff Zhang


Watch: ‘A Year in the Movies 2021’ – A Movie Trailer Mashup by Jeff Zhang

by Alex Billington
February 15, 2022
Source: Youtube

“I have no words…my voice is in my sword.” We may be well into 2022 already, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy another look at the movies of 2021! Movie critic Jeff Zhang (who runs the Strange Harbors site) has put together this fantastic”A year at the movies 2021“Mashup retrospective of movie trailers, with excerpts from many movies from the last year cut together. “It’s late this year, but I’ve spent over 50 hours and the last two months finishing my passion project : my annual montage A Year in Film. Lots of love has gone into this year’s video, so take a seat and celebrate the movies of 2021 once again. through many great movie moments. It makes me want to see so many of them again! Have you watched Pork again? What about Titanium?

A year at the cinema 2021 Video

Thanks to Twitter for the tip on this video. Brief introduction by Zhang on YouTube: “Another year. Another edit. This is A Year in Film 2021. Over 60 films in three and a half minutes, this video mashup pays homage to films from the past year. Before diving into 2022 , grab a seat and some popcorn and celebrate the cinema of 2021 one last time.” A Year in Film 2021 – A Movie Trailer Mashup is edited and created by Jeffrey Zhang – an editor and reviewer at the site Strange Ports, a blog about film, television and pop culture. You can also follow Jeff on Twitter @strangeharbours or follow his YouTube channel. For additional recaps and retrospectives for 2021, we also recommend Sleepy Skunk’s Trailer Mashup 2021, Dylan Hoang’s Cinema 2021, LWL’s Top 30 Movies, and David Ehrlich’s Top 25 Movie Countdown. What are your favorites for 2021?

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