Watch Ree Drummond Make Her Actress Debut In This Trailer



In the Food Network’s first foray into feature films, one of the network’s biggest stars will also be making her acting debut.

Trailblazer Ree Drummond is set to appear in the upcoming “Candy Coated Christmas,” which premieres November 19 on discovery +.

The plot is a trope that holiday movie watchers will instantly recognize. Molly Gallant, played by actress Molly McCook, learns that the family business is going bankrupt. She returns to her mother’s small hometown in Washington state, to a place named for the party Peppermint Hollow, planning to sell her mother’s childhood home. Of course, she meets current tenant Noah Winters, played by Aaron O’Connell, and (we’re guessing) learns a valuable lesson about Christmas, life, and family.

The promotional poster for “Candy Coated Christmas”, which features Ree Drummond as the owner of Bee Bakery.discovery +

Drummond, 52, portrays the town’s bakery owner Bee – a job she’s surely qualified for both on and off screen. In the trailer, she even welcomes Gallant to town with a bite of mint brownie – which fans can try out making at home with a recipe from Pioneer Woman.

Cable network said Variety earlier this year, that was part of Discovery’s plans to create additional content around the film, like recipes and other content. The idea is that “Candy Coated Christmas” will be the first of many such films and content around major promotional events like the holidays.

“Now that we have Discovery Plus, this is the perfect opportunity to expand our niche content envelope,” Kathleen Finch, director of lifestyle brands, Discovery told the store. “This is a great opportunity to break into new and different forms of content and leverage our target audience.”

She added that Drummond is “the epitome of female Food Network talent”.

“We put it with all of these fun ideas in a jar and found this fun idea,” Finch said.

Drummond, for his part, seems thrilled to be making his first appearance as an actor.

“’Candy Coated Christmas’ was so much fun to be a part of; it had all the magical elements that make holiday movies so special,” Drummond said in a statement. “The initial nerves I felt about joining this project completely dissipated when I entered the sweet and charming world of Peppermint Hollow!”



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