Why the Flash movie trailer teases Affleck’s Batman death (and why it’s true)



The first full trailer for The Flash suggests that Ben Affleck’s Batman will die in his final DCEU appearance. Here’s why it’s his perfect farewell.

The first full trailer for Flash teases Ben Affleck’s death of Batman, and if the footage shown at DC FanDome 2021 can be trusted, that would be the perfect farewell for the DCEU’s Caped Crusader. Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman has been divisive since its introduction in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But after the certain success of Zack Snyder Justice League, it looks like the character’s DCEU journey will end on a high note.

Batman has died several times in the comics, most notoriously against Darkseid during Final crisis. Likewise, Zack Snyder’s plan for his Justice League the sequels involved Batman sacrificing himself to save Lois Lane from Darkseid’s death, which would have kept Superman from succumbing to the anti-life equation. Although the DCEU has moved away from Zack Snyder’s vision, Batman’s fate appears to remain the same, now potentially making the ultimate sacrifice to help Barry Allen save the multiverse.

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The trailer for Flash includes a photo of Batman’s hood lying on the ground, surrounded by streaks of blood on the ground. Judging by the jagged shape at the lower part of the hood collar and the bat symbol on the costume’s chest in the background, the costume appears to belong to Michael Keaton’s Batman. However, there is another shot in the trailer that shows Barry Allen touching a lifeless hand, which could possibly belong to Ben Affleck’s Batman. The absence of the original Batman from the DCEU in the trailer, coupled with Barry’s journey to another universe, suggests that the leader of the Justice League is no longer present to guide the Flash.

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Killing Affleck’s Batman is a perfect way to motivate Flash to travel the multiverse, as the hero who recruited him into the Justice League and also served as a mentor during his first fight in Zack Snyder. Justice League would no longer be there to guide him. While Barry Allen will reunite with his deceased mother like he did in the original Breaking point storyline – where he put all of his reality in jeopardy after attempting to undo his death – his motivation to travel between realities could stem from a tragedy that claimed the lives of the DCEU’s greatest heroes. It would also explain Superman’s absence from Warner Bros. ‘ future projects and would justify the decision to replace Superman with Sasha Calle’s Supergirl.

The main villain of Flash has not yet been revealed. Whatever character or entity Barry Allen faces in the film, he could be responsible for Ben Affleck’s death of Batman and the end of his timeline. But no matter how or why Batfleck would come to an end, Flash seems like the perfect time to give her a heroic farewell. An entire era of DC movies ends with its release, and tying his death to a massive event like the Multiverse Rift is only fair for such a central character.

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