WSU Twitter Gives Punt Block First Treat Of Movie Trailer



Washington State hosted its most comprehensive Nick Rolovich-era game to date on Saturday. The Cougs outscored Cal on the road 21-6 in a game that saw Laura’s quarterback Jayden make his injury-productive comeback and saw the WSU defense put in a dominant performance against the Golden Bears.

The victory was fun to watch … but it also featured two of the most unique pieces you’ll ever want to see in a college football game. Calvin Jackson Jr.’s capture was the one that made all the headlines and finished at number one on the SportsCenter Top 10, but there was another play that left Coug fans stunned.

It was a play I don’t think I’ve ever seen and I doubt I’ll see it again anytime soon. Cal took advantage of a rookie mistake by Nick Haberer, but Ron Stone Jr. wasn’t going to give up without a fight. It was one of the many impressive plays made by the red jersey junior on Saturday afternoon who also collected two tackles and a sack.

His defensive play was excellent, but it was those seven yards of attack that got him the treatment the WSU social media team received.

It was definitely a piece to remember and (especially if The Rock and Chris Hemsworth are involved) I’d be happy to throw in $ 15 for a ticket to see the film adaptation on the big screen.

Stone and the Cougs will be looking to make a few more movie trailer quality pieces this Saturday when WSU hosts Oregon State this Saturday at 1 p.m. in Pullman.

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